How To Store And Reheat Pizza

Pizza on the table

Regardless of whether you prepared the pizza yourself or ordered it, proper storage and warming up will help you enjoy it almost as if it was fresh!

Pizza storage

Cover your plate or sealed food container with paper towels. First, cover the bottom of a plate or food container with a layer of paper towels large enough to fit 1 or 2 slices of pizza.

Do not put the pizza in the refrigerator directly in the box, as it may get wet. The moisture contained in tomato sauce, vegetables and meat is absorbed into the crust and softens it, no matter how you heat up the pizza.

You can also use foil, parchment or wax paper.

If you are going to freeze pizza, it is better to use not a plate, but a sealed food container.

Do you have a little time? Wait for the pizza to cool to room temperature and place the slices in a resealable plastic bag. 

Lay the pizza on a plate and place paper towels between each layer. Put the first layer of pizza on a plate and cover it with paper towels. If you still have pizza, but the second layer on top, cover it with paper towels, and so on, until all the slices are laid out.

If necessary, put the pizza in several plates or food containers.

Cover the plate (container) with plastic wrap (or a lid). After you have put the pizza on a plate, wrap it with plastic wrap. Thus, you block access to air, and your pizza will remain fresh.

If you use a sealed food container, you don’t necessarily have to cover it.

Put the pizza in the refrigerator if you intend to eat it in 3-5 days. Pizza can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, while its texture will not change as much as after freezing in the freezer. However, in the refrigerator, pizza will eventually deteriorate, so keep it there only if you intend to eat it for several days, or just put it in the freezer.

If you do not eat pizza on the third day, throw away or freeze it.

Keep pizza in the freezer for up to 6 months and keep it fresh. Frozen pizza can be stored for about 6 months, so this method is well suited if you have a lot of pizza that you can’t eat in a few days.

If you first kept the pizza on a plate, transfer it to a tight-fitting food container. Put paper towels between slices of pizza.

Defrost pizza at room temperature for about one hour before reheating.

Tip: if you bought a frozen pizza, you can store it in the freezer for about a year. However, such pizza is subjected to shock (quick) freezing, so it can be stored longer. To avoid all the risks, try to eat your frozen pizza in 6 months.


Pizza Food

Preheat pizza in the oven to make a crisp. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (this will take 5-10 minutes). When the oven is at the right temperature, put a pizza in for about 5 minutes. Regardless of whether you warm the whole pizza or slices in the oven, you will get a crispy crust, and the cheese will melt, just like in a fresh pizza.

To make it easier to clean the baking sheet, cover it with parchment paper and lay the pizza on it.

Use a mini-oven if you need to quickly heat up 1-2 slices of pizza. Preheat the mini-oven to 200 ° C and place the pizza in it for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the dough is browned.

Try to heat the pizza in a frying pan so that it is slightly fried. When the pan is warm, put in 1 or 2 slices of pizza and cover with a lid for 6-8 minutes. As a result, cheese is melted on pizza, its filling is warmed up, and the dough is covered with a delicious crispy crust.

Under the lid, the filling will warm evenly and a crust will form from below. If you have a pan without a lid, cover it with foil.

If after 6-8 minutes the filling is warmed up and the dough remains moist, remove the lid from the pan and let the pizza fry for a few more minutes.

Preheat pizza in the microwave – this is the fastest way. Though the texture of the dough will change, the crust will soften and become vicious, therefore many pizza lovers do not like this method so much. However, it may come in handy if you are in a hurry. To get a better texture, cover the plate with a paper towel, put pizza on it, set it to 50% power on the microwave and place the pizza in there for about one minute.

Tip: so that the dough does not soften when heating in a microwave oven, try putting a glass of water in there. Half fill the glass with water and place it in the microwave with pizza. Water will absorb some of the electromagnetic waves, and the pizza will heat up more evenly.


Consider adding slices of fresh tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, and herbs to your pizza before reheating it. You can also sprinkle pizza with olive oil or add fresh cheese.


Do not put a pizza in the oven together with the box. Besides the fact that the pizza will get saturated with the smell of cardboard, it can cause a fire. In addition, when heated, cardboard and its coating paint can release harmful substances.